We provide payroll solutions

When you hire foreign employees, or if you, as a foreign employee, want to work in The Netherlands, there are several options with different requirements for both the foreign employee and the hiring client which have to be applied. Otherwise, the foreign employee works illegal in The Netherlands which can be fined severely by de Dutch Tax authority. These fines can be for both the employer and the hiring client. When the foreign employee and the hiring client want to be absolutely assured of no legal financial risks at all, Holland Payroll can provide a Dutch Payroll contract. The result: focus on the assignment for both the employee and the hiring client. Holland Payroll is a Dutch payroll company and is registrated with the Abu and is NEN 4400-1 certified. The ABU is The Federation of Private Employment Agencies (Algemene Bond Uitzendondernemingen, ABU) and has been the main representative for private employment agencies in the Netherlands since 1961.

We provide payroll solutions for our clients according Dutch tax and labour law legislation and have more than 30 years experience in the Dutch labour market. In 2010 we have started Holland payroll, with specific payroll solutions for the market in the Netherlands.

We not only provide paychecks, we also take the formal role as employer form the hiring client.

For the foreign employee Holland Payroll will make sure that:
• contract and payments are according Dutch law and in line with compliance measures with the agreement between the employee and client;

• Necessary arrangements for specific Dutch tax benefits, like the 30% ruling, work permit or obtaining a social security number;

• Pay check in advance to check the net pay rate, before the assignment starts.

For the client Holland Payroll will make sure that:
• the foreign employee has passed the ID screening and is fully compliant according Dutch labour legislation to work legal in The Netherlands;

• we work with transparent contracts for all participants which insures you the best pricing for patrolling.

If you want to know more about our Dutch Payroll solutions, please contact us for more information. If you want to receive a net pay check calculation in advance, please send us the rate per hour and the estimated contract period in months we have to take as example.