Salary Criteria Knowledge Migrant

If you are coming to work in the Netherlands as a highly skilled migrant, you will be earning a relatively high minimum salary. Employers must pay the salaries set out in the highly skilled migrant program. These minimum salaries are as follows:

  • Highly skilled migrants younger than 30: € 3,229 gross per month;
  • Highly skilled migrants 30 and older: € 4,404 gross per month;
  • Highly skilled migrants in their job-seeking year: € 2,314 gross per month; These are highly skilled migrants who take up employment in the Netherlands within one year of having completed an accredited study programme at a Dutch institution of higher education.

Annual indexation

If you as a highly skilled migrant turn 30 during the term of the contract, nothing will change. The highly skilled migrant salary for those 30 and older will only apply when you sign a new contract. The salaries for highly skilled migrants are indexed annually.


The minimum salaries do not apply if you are coming to the Netherlands to work as:

  • a PhD candidate at a university or research institution;
  • doctor training to be a medical specialist;
  • guest lecturer.

These positions are subject to the standard minimum salary.

Why a higher minimum salary?

You as a highly skilled migrant from outside the EU are subject to a higher minimum salary than employees with Dutch nationality. Why is that? Companies with job vacancies must first try to fill them with people resident in the Netherlands (or the EU) and only then are they ‘allowed’ to look for employees from outside Europe.

30% tax rule

You may also be eligible for the 30% tax rule. In many cases, 30% of an expat’s salary is exempt from tax. This rule intends to compensate expats for the additional expenses they incur, such as relocation costs, language courses or flights back home. Holland Payroll can find this out and arrange all of this for you.