Knowledge Migrant Ruling

The Netherlands has a program for highly skilled migrants. The program makes it easier and faster for companies to bring highly skilled workers from outside the EU to the Netherlands. Furthermore, highly skilled migrants benefit from special minimum salary arrangements under this program.

Among other things, the program for highly skilled migrants streamlines the admission requirements for highly skilled migrants. For example, ‘regular’ employees from outside the EU as a rule require a work permit to work in the Netherlands, while this is not usually the case for highly skilled migrants. Moreover, highly skilled migrants benefit from a fast-track admission procedure. Both the highly skilled migrant and employer must meet a number of conditions.

Highly skilled migrants program conditions

The highly skilled migrant program is not open to all companies. Furthermore, not every highly skilled migrant from outside the EU is eligible under this program. The most important conditions are as follows:

  • The employer is recognised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) and has a residence permit (a permanent or temporary residence).

  • The highly skilled migrant has an employment agreement with a Dutch employer of a duration of at least three months.
  • The employer pays at least the minimum salary applicable to the highly skilled migrant.
  • The highly skilled migrant has a valid passport, a healthcare insurance policy taken out in the Netherlands and does not constitute a risk to national security.

Job-seeking year

Different rules apply to students from outside the EU who are graduating from a Dutch institution of higher education. They have one year in which to find a job as a highly skilled migrant. This year is referred to as the job-seeking year. If they succeed in finding a job, they will also be subject to the minimum income limit.

Highly skilled migrants have a positive impact on the Netherlands

The Dutch government established the highly skilled migrant program to attract more international talent to the Netherlands. The Netherlands is delighted with the boost given to the Dutch economy, higher education and national prosperity by highly skilled migrants.

Holland Payroll supports

In the past few years Holland Payroll has helped many highly skilled migrants and employers to take full advantage of the opportunities offered by the highly skilled migrant program. If you start work at an employer through Holland Payroll, you and your employer can leave the details of the program to us. We will help with the application and sort out all the details.

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