Highly Skilled Migrant

Growing numbers of highly skilled people from outside the EU are choosing to come to the Netherlands, where this group of migrant workers are known as ‘highly skilled migrants’ or ‘knowledge migrants’. The Netherlands has a special highly skilled migrant program and boasts plenty of attractive job opportunities.

The highly skilled migrant is distinguished from the ‘regular’ migrant worker by a high level of education and specialist knowledge. A highly skilled migrant coming to the Netherlands requires a residence permit. Highly skilled migrants are increasingly popular at Dutch companies who are faced with a scarcity of highly skilled Dutch workers for more and more roles.

Highly skilled migrant program

The Netherlands has a program for highly skilled migrants. This program makes it even more attractive for Dutch companies to employ highly skilled migrants. Application for this program makes it easier for companies to employ highly skilled migrants and offers highly skilled migrants special minimum salary levels. Furthermore, the 30% rule makes working in the Netherlands ever more attractive from a tax perspective.


You can only come to the Netherlands to work as a highly skilled migrant if your employer is recognised by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND). Many highly skilled workers therefore choose to work via Holland Payroll. We are recognised by the IND and you can work via us for companies that are not recognised by the IND. Moreover, we assist highly skilled migrants with all the paperwork and procedures involved in coming to the Netherlands, such as application for the Entry & Residence Procedure (TEV). Handy for employer and highly skilled migrant alike.