Payrolling gives employees new opportunities.

The new dynamics in the economy lead to new relationships between employers and employees. Much has changed and a lot more will change. Payrolling offers new opportunities to accompany these changes, for our clients but certainly for our employees. Flexibility is essential for our clients to respond to the unpredictable nature of the modern economy – and payrolling is the answer.
Payrolling offers employees easy access to the labour market with good working conditions that resemble the client’s working conditions, from day one.


Holland Payroll provides the juridical aspect of employment for thousands of employees. That means we are specialists in all related juridical areas and ensure the use of proper contracts. We take care of expert guidance for sickness, disability and/or relocation. Moreover, we like to communicate here at Holland Payroll – actively and with our employees. However, you can always contact us with your queries; we are your point of contact for queries on anything related to HR.

Attractive working conditions

A company passes on its juridical aspect of employment to Holland Payroll when payrolling. You are employed by us; a flexible solution for our clients which saves time, money and energy. Holland Payroll feels you should benefit from this too: quid pro quo.
Flexibility deserves a reward, with at least the same working conditions as a permanent member of staff. And where possible even better working conditions.

More possibilities

Payrolling gives clients the option to work with flexible contracts for a maximum of 5.5 years. That means our clients will be less reluctant to hire people and employees will have more opportunities to work for a company for a longer period of time.

Payrolling creates breathing space

Companies increasingly recruit their own staff instead of leaving this up to an agency. Will payrolling replace temping agencies? No, both can exist just fine together. If a client recruits via a temping agency, an employee can still be registered with Holland Payroll after the minimal temping period (usually 26 weeks). The client retains its flexibility.