Wout-Jan Ykema

Wout-Jan Ykema (1977), born in Assen, is a driven and enthusiastic manager in the payroll industry. Wout-Jan is the manager in charge of daily operations at Payroll and is ultimately responsible for the Human resource advisors. He supervises the implementation process of new clients and ensures a customer focussed work process is maintained.

In the centre if difficulties lie possibilities. I would like to tell you where I see them.

Wout-Jan ran a marketing agency, named Key Marketeers, after he finished his Commercial Economics study in Leeuwarden. In March 2000, he started as a consultant at Randstad. The last 8.5 years he was an accountant manager at Randstad Payroll Solutions and he has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of outsourcing legal employership.