Niels Brandsma

Niels Brandsma, born 1970 in Amsterdam, is the son of Friese (Friesland, North of the Netherlands) parents. Entrepreneurship is in his blood! He has been involved in several start-ups and active in the payroll market since 2003. Since July 1st, 2017, Niels is Managing Director of Holland Payroll (Heerenveen) and Smart Services (Amsterdam). Niels is involved, has an eye for detail and is an all-round team-player.

If there’s a better way to do it, I’ll find it.

Niels studied Economics at the University of Amsterdam. It was here he discovered his entrepreneurial side. After starting a business, which focused then on housing for the expatriate community, he started a temporary employment agency for students in 1998. In this capacity he discovered the payroll niche in 2003. With his many years of experience in the market, Niels has excellent knowledge of local legislation and because of this can truly be called a Specialist. In 2016 Niels, together with his business partner, took Smart Services and formed a partnership with Pay for People. Since then, Niels is Managing Director of both Smart Services and Holland Payroll.