Kathalijne Beemer

Kathalijne Beemer (1977) is involved with nearly all the processes at Holland Payroll and is the central point of contact. Her credo is ‘Do what you say and especially tell (?) what you are doing’. She is pragmatic. With a positive approach and a Frisian down-to-earth attitude she has the solution to every problem.

Do what you say and say what you do

Kathalijne grew up in Friesland and studied Leisure Management. As a concultant/secondment specialist at Start Uitzendbureau, her customer focus was noticed immediately. After working for Start, she worked for several different secondments and recruitment organisation as well as an international operating shipping company. In 2013 she made the move to Holland Payroll.

Kathalijne is responsible for the implementation and monitoring of various (administrative) processes and the reporting of payroll, transactions, contracts and registration of sick leave and the feedback of this with all the parties involved.