John Harmon

John Harmon (1983) is bij Holland Payroll in dienst getreden op 1 april 2017. Hij is verantwoordelijk voor zeer vakkundige kennismigranten. Of… expats!
Dit is geen probleem voor John, aangezien hij zelf al 13 jaar als expat in Nederland woont. Hij komt officieel uit Ierland. Hij heeft eersteklas ervaring omtrent de eisen om in Nederland te komen, wonen en te werken. Hij moest namelijk zelf 13 jaar geleden deze langdurige administratieve processen doorstaan.

It takes less effort to do something right the first time, than to do it wrong twice.

John Harmon (1983) joined Holland Payroll on April 1st, 2017. Responsible for Highly Skilled Migrants (NL: Kennismigrant), or expats, this is not a problem for him as John himself is an expat living in the Netherlands for 13 years. Coming from Ireland, he has first-hand experience of what’s required when arriving, living and working in the Netherlands, as he’s been through these longwinded administrative processes himself many years ago.

John first started assisting expats in the Netherlands in 2008 and has since then helped countless first-timers with employment related matters such as social security numbers, entry-visas, work-permits, the 30% Ruling, Dutch salary administration and tax returns, while also providing general advice about living and working in the Netherlands. Before joining Holland Payroll, John focused not only on the Dutch payroll but also European and African payrolls for companies such as Liberty Global and Brunel.

At Holland Payroll, John is your point of contact for all things ‘highly skilled migrant’ and is ready to assist you and your operation when you need it most. Feel free to contact him on +31 (0)6 52 77 78 69 or