Geert Verschuren

Geert Verschuren (1967) is a pragmatist. Honest, open and always straightforward. As Senior Account Manager, Geert does more than spend all of his time looking for new business; he is also fully focussed on already existing clients. His biggest challenge: finding the best solution for everyone involved.

The most valuable asset of a company is how it is known to its customers

Geert was born in Eindhoven and studied Personnel and Organisation . He has more than 17 years of placement service experience at TopStart (Start Employment Agency), now called Start People Professionals (USG People), where he worked as a Regional Manager and was responsible for the two provinces Brabant and Limburg.

After a change of scene by having a commercial role within the logistics and supply chain, he returned to the world of HR. Geert has a broad network in the technology industry based in the Southern part of The Netherlands. That makes him the right man to give optimal interpretation and implementation of the joint venture Holland Payroll with the employers’ organization FME / CWM.