Butcher Bruinsma Makkum

Starting Entrepreneur

After 13 years of being employed in a slaughter house I started my own butcher shop in January 2016 in the center of Makkum, a Friesian village on the IJsselmeer coast, which brings much summer tourism and water sports activities.

My own staff?

Of course I have considered taking on my own staff but finally choose to outsource this task to Holland Payroll. In the initial phase, I need to concentrate on my company to enable me to build a healthy business. There is a lot to consider, including things that, as a butcher, I just do not know. Satisfied staff is an important factor in running my business, and I need to be sure that they and their payroll affairs are handled properly.


There is still a level of uncertainty. Makkum is a relatively quiet village in winter. But during the summer a huge peak is noticeable. Actually, many foreigners have their second home in Makkum. In addition, there is a large number of tourists and day visitors. How busy is it? How long is it going to take to expand my activities? What impact does it have on my staffing? Holland Payroll offers me the longer-term flexibility I need. Business risks and statutory obligations, such as sickness absence, are covered. In a few years, I can review everything again.

In short:

As an entrepreneur, working with Holland Payroll is an ideal option for me. I can pour myself into my company. It’s already exciting enough and their solution provides assurance on a personal level. Things that I have no understanding of, or time for, can be left to them without hesitation.