Meet payrolling

Payrolling is a specialised form of HR service for the flexible workforce in the organisation. We sometimes call it an ABU-plus variant or secondment plus. The payroll employee is employed by the payroller and, as is the case with a temporary worker, works on a temporary basis for the employer. The risks and responsibility of good employment ship therefore fall on the payroll organisation, in this case Holland Payroll. You have recruited and selected your own temporary employee and will (temporarily) be taken in by us.
After the minimum agreed working period you can agree to extend the period the temporary worker will be working with you. You do not yet need to employ the worker; just to transfer him/her to the payrolling service. Here at Holland Payroll we find it essential to provide the payroll employee with attractive working conditions. They are not only the human capital of your organisation, but also ours. Employees who participate in flexibility deserve a fitting reward.

Payrolling creates breathing space

Payrolling is the solution for the flexible workforce in the organisation. Holland Payroll employs employees and is therefore the juridical employer. We provide customised contracts, registration at the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency) and tax authorities, pension schemes, employee insurance, salary payments, sickness monitoring and salary administration. Payrolling goes much further than externally expediting salary administration. It provides space for our clients to focus on running their business.

You select and recruit yourself

Holland Payroll will only take over juridical employment. You will recruit and select your own staff and determine their associated benefits. After that, we come into play and you hand over the legal aspects and the actual employment to Holland Payroll. You remain solely responsible for the daily supervision of the employee, workforce planning, career development, training content and job evaluation talks.

The advantages

Our clients choose payrolling not just because of the advantages and benefits it offers them but also because of the advantages and benefits offered to their employees. Below we highlight some of these advantages again for your reference.
If you would like to discuss these benefits and other possibilities please do not hesitate to contact us. We would love to schedule an appointment with you.


Payrolling provides additional opportunities in flexible employment contracts. Without having to hire employees, you have the ability to use their abilities for a maximum of 3.5 years. If you want to offer the employee a permanent contract, we will ensure swift and correct handling of all administrative matters. As an employee, you have the opportunity to stay in flexible employment for longer period of time at a company. Payrolling: the unique combination of flexibility and security.

Less paperwork

The hiring of staff comes with a lot of administrative paperwork; creating employment contracts, salary administration, sick leave, recovery requests and keeping track of changes in laws and legislation. By outsourcing these tasks to the payrolling company, you save yourself a lot of administrative paperwork.

Save on personnel costs

Outsourcing juridical employer-ship can yield considerable savings in personnel costs. By enlisting our services you often pay less in the end than if you purchase all services yourself or if you hire people to do this for you within your own organisation. You benefit from using all the services in one purchase.

A one-stop shop!

Less risk and more security

Our solutions are designed to hedge risks for clients and employees and also to make them affordable. When outsourcing the juridical employer-ship you will no longer run any labour related risks regarding sick pay, WIA, employment contracts etc. You pay a predetermined and fixed amount per hour worked. The risks are for Holland Payroll.


Due to our experience in providing payroll services we have carefully and efficiently structured all the processes. Indeed, outsourcing the juridical employer-ship comes with a great responsibility; proper employment contracts and conditions, accurate and timely salary payment and no liability towards bodies such as Tax Administration and the UWV.

Binding workers

Your staff is our concern. Holland Payroll benefits from employees being involved with your organisation. That is why you will stay responsible for recruitment and management of your staff. Your employees can always contact us with questions about payrolling and employment contracts, should they need to. Moreover, we can tie them to your organisation longer than with any other form of flexible employment.