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If you would like to employ foreign workers, or if you want to work in The Netherlands as a foreign worker, there are several options with different requirements for both foreign workers and employers which have to be applied. If this is not done, the foreign worker is working illegally in The Netherlands which can be heavily penalised by the Dutch tax authorities. These fines are very high and can be issued to both the employer and employee. When the hired foreign worker and the client want to be absolutely sure they are not running any legal or financial risk, Holland Payroll can help. We can provide a Dutch payrolling contract. The result is a focus on mutual cooperation for both the employee and the employer.

Payroll experience

Holland Payroll is a Dutch payroll company and is registered with the ABU and is BS 4400-1 certified. The ABU is the General Association of Temporary Employment Agencies and is the main representative of temp. agencies in The Netherlands since 1961.

We offer payroll solutions for all customers based on Dutch fiscal and labour laws and our specialists have years of experience in the Dutch labour market. In 2010 we started Holland Payroll for specific payroll solutions within the Dutch market. We do not only provide salary but also take on the formal role as Employer when hiring new personnel.

How do we help expats?

For the foreign worker, Holland Payroll will ensure that:

• Contract and payments are made in accordance with Dutch law and comply with enforcement measures of the agreement between the employee and the customer.
• The necessary arrangements are made for specific Dutch tax benefits, such as the 30% rule, work permit or obtaining a social security number.
• Salary (and net salary) is checked in advance, before cooperation between employer and employees begin.

How do we help employers?

For the customer, Holland Payroll will ensure that:

• The foreign worker has passed the ID screening and can legally work in The Netherlands, as per Dutch labour law.
• We work with transparent contracts for all parties which ensure you pay the best price for payrolling.

If you would like to know more about our Dutch payroll solutions, please fill out the contact form and we will contact you within 24 hours. If you would like to receive a net salary calculation you can fill in the hourly wage and the estimated contract period which we will use as an example.

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