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Frequently asked questions

The employee has declared the working hours, but they have not received any pay. How is that possible?

It is possible that the employee has declared the working hours, but the employer has not approved them (yet). If this is the case, the employee should contact the employer.

What are reserves?

As a temporary worker (temp) a portion of your salary will be set aside for holidays, short term absence and holiday pay. Holiday pay will be paid out to you annually in one go. If your employment comes to an end, all the saved up reserves will be paid to you in one go.

How come the gross salary is always the same, but the net pay sometimes differs?

The net pay is calculated based on a weekly salary. The amount depends on several factors, like the number of hours the employee works. In The Netherlands employees have to pay more taxes, the more they earn (progressive tax system). If the employee works more hours you keep less net pay whilst your gross salary will stay the same.

How will the salary of my employee be determined if he/she is working in accordance with the ABU’s Collective Labour Agreement?

The hourly wage is determined in phase ‘A’ for each job. With every new client, there are 2 possibilities. From the day you start working you will be paid and rewarded according to the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers. But you can also receive pay and benefits according to the hiring company’s policy you will be working for. Your temping agreement will say which of the options will be applicable to you. If you are working for the same hirer for more than 26 weeks, you will receive the same salary, benefits and, if applicable, increased holiday entitlement the hirer pays its own employees with a similar job function.

More information about the salary system can be found in the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers.

My employee wants a day off. Will the employee still get paid?

According to the Collective Labour Agreement for Temporary Agency Workers, the employee will still get paid if he/she have saved up enough annual leave. Full time employees save up 2 days of annual leave every month, for example. On the payslip and in the web portal you are able to see how much annual leave the employee has built up so far. You can book annual leave via your digital declaration.

When will I receive holiday pay?

Holiday pay will be paid in accordance with the Collective Labour Agreement of the ABU (The Federation of Private Employment Agencies) in the first week of June.