Payrolling gives entrepreneurship a new dimension

Payrolling is an important step in the evolution of new relationships between employees and employers. Holland Payroll lets you breathe with the volatility of the new economy, so you can respond to sudden changes in demand for your products and services. Personnel are an important tool in this. Payrolling allows for extra possibilities in flexible employment contracts. Without hiring employees, you use their services for a maximum of 3.5 years. Payrolling: the unique combination of flexibility and security. Holland Payroll is all about customised solutions; every company is unique. This therefore requires customisation. We listen to what engages companies and will base our advice on what they tell us.
Solutions to today’s problems, but also answers to tomorrow’s challenges. Leaving you to run your business carefree.

Expert partner

Laws and legislation on labour, disease and disability are constantly changing. This requires a partner who is aware of all current developments; someone who can use these developments to find solutions for your organisation now, and in the future. Holland Payroll is that partner with a clear vision of the flexible deployment of personnel.

Lower personnel cost

Holland Payroll takes over all juridical aspects of employment. This gives our customers flexibility and space to do business. Furthermore, it saves time, money and energy. The cost of Payrolling is, by definition, lower than the long-term hiring of temporary employees. In addition, you benefit from putting all your juridical employment-ship and administration under one roof.

Less risk, more security

Payrolling means you no longer run any labour risks. Holland Payroll takes these risks from you. You pay a fixed amount per working hour – you always know where you stand.

Involved and bonding with employees

Employees currently want more and more control over their professional dealings. At Holland Payroll, we’re sure of this. The employee of tomorrow is entrepreneurial and looking for a mix of flexibility and attractive working conditions combined with efficient, organised and legal employment. Payrolling is the answer to all these needs and this can only lead to committed employees.