Proud of my work!

Usually I am very proud of my work. Proud, because I contribute to the labour market. I can ensure that a new employee gets a fair package of employment conditions. In fact, sometimes even pull them out of unemployment, a stepping stone to a new future. Proud, because my clients can entrust their private matters to me. Everyone I have ever worked with, clients and flexible workers alike, I can look straight in the eye with a smile, which I sometimes literally do, when I get stopped by a past-employee on the street. They tell me how I helped them get back on track. Amazing! That is what makes it all worthwhile.


But sometimes pride is overshadowed by shame. Shame, despondency and annoyance. Big, screaming newspaper headlines: “temp agencies are modern day slave traders”. Not to mention payroll offices, because if you work at one of those you belong to the scum of the world. Recently, again in this article, this time in the Cobouw, professional journal in the construction sector, which I carefully read as a construction specialist: “Mediator disadvantages sole man businesses. Temp agencies keep one third of self-employers’ hourly wages”. According to an employer organisation in the construction sector.

Pffff… we go again. A third!!??? This really embarrasses me. In what kind of world am I working in, for crying out loud!?
Let me be very clear: agencies who knowingly make money off hardworking people whilst violating laws and regulations should be tackled hard, very hard. Obviously, the question arises: to what extent are these real, self-employed entrepreneurs? This probably relates to employees who are better suited for a normal employment. The article mentions hourly wage for a reason, as opposed to hourly tariff.

The role of the hirer

Oddly enough, these hiring companies never blame themselves. Who is partially responsible for keeping this disgusting morality intact? Who ensures these parties still have a prominent place in the Rolodex, despite all certification requirements and increasing legislation? Who would agree to do business knowing skilled workers get paid an absurdly low rate of €22.50?

Come on!

Stop doing business with crooks! There are plenty of decent payrolling and temp agencies who want the best for their employers.

Decent labour market

You are your surroundings; an old advertising slogan will tell you. Not everything can be established in laws and regulations. One should not want to. The current labour market needs dynamism and the opportunity to offer customization. But only in a way that ensures the interest of all parties involved are being met.

I do not always agree with him, but as Minister Asscher stated: “A decent labour market is something we all want. It is not about the law, but about the practice.
I could not agree more. Let me be proud of my job and work and the world in which I work.