Holland Payroll sponsor of Ronald McDonald House Southeast-Brabant

Since the beginning of this year, Holland Payroll is the proud sponsor of the Ronald McDonald House Southeast-Brabant in Veldhoven and has thus become a member of ‘The club of 52’.

Ronald McDonald House Southeast-Brabant

The Ronald McDonald House Southeast-Brabant offers the parents and siblings of children who have been admitted to the Maxima Medisch Centrum Veldhoven a place to stay. The Ronald McDonald Children Fund has been a contributor to the wellbeing of sick or disabled children and their families for over 30 years.

Motivation Holland Payroll

Unfortunately, everyone knows from personal experience, or from experiences around them, what it means to have a sick child. Now more than ever,, is it very important and comforting for parents and other family members to have a ‘home’, as caring for a sick child requires all their attention and energy. The Ronald McDonald House helps making this ‘home’ a reality and allows parents to stay with their child. After all, a sick child simply cannot do without his or her parents!
As sponsor of the week, in week number 31, Holland Payroll will be responsible for the exploitation of Ronald McDonald House Southeast-Brabant for the next 3 years. In that week, Holland Payroll contributes to the existence of Ronald McDonald House. With this sponsoring, Holland Payroll contributes, next to the ‘Women on Wings’ project, even more emphatically to corporate social responsibility. We do not just care about the results of clients and services to employees, Holland Payroll also looks at the world around us.