Coming Home with Holland Payroll | And the winner is… Marthony Jones Veloso Escobinas!

Knowledge migrants who work via Holland Payroll in the Netherlands were for two months able to win a flight ticket home. We received many great reactions, but one picture really stood out. Dressed in orange and posted on King’s Day, the winner is… Marthony Jones Veloso Escobinas. Congratulations!

“I’m so surprised to win this amazing price! From the first moment I heard about this campaign, I wanted to post something with the typical Dutch colour orange. And when it was King’s Day, I knew exactly what to post on Twitter!” It resulted in a photo of Marthony with his wife and son, dressed in orange t-shirts.

Flying home to the Philippines with Holland Payroll

Marthony already knows when he will fly home, to the Philippines, on the costs of Holland Payroll. “I will fly home in December. It’s the period of celebrations when all relatives come together. I look very forward to seeing my parents, sisters, uncles and aunts again. I’m very grateful that Holland Payroll makes this possible.”

Marthony has been working in the Netherlands since January 2016. Holland Payroll helped him with his work and residence permit to start working as an Analogue Layout Designer at NXP semiconductors in Nijmegen. “Holland Payroll offered me great help. They took care of all the paperwork and answered all my questions about working and living in the Netherlands. I really appreciated their personal contact.” As an Analogue Layout Designer Marthony is working on the design of computer chips. “My work is about making the chip look nice and workable.”

“Finally, I want to thank everybody at Holland Payroll for organising the campaign Coming Home with Holland Payroll. You helped me get started in the Netherlands and now you had a great contest to win this fantastic prize. Thank you!”