Coming home with Holland Payroll

Holland Payroll helps dozens of highly skilled expats work in the Netherlands. We help them with their work permit en make sure they do not have to worry about all the difficult paperwork. But we also want to be a partner that helps them stay connected with their friends and family back home.

That is why we started the campaign ‘Coming home with Holland Payroll’ for the expats who are paid via Holland Payroll. Every expat receives a beautiful cup filled with delicious easter eggs. Because drinking a hot drink and eating chocolate makes you feel at home. ‘Thuiskomen’ like we say in Holland. But we also know that nothing beats the feeling of literally ‘thuiskomen’.

So show us on Twitter and/or LinkedIn how this Holland Payroll cup makes you feel at home in the Netherlands. The expat with the most beautiful photo wins a flight home on our costs!

How can this prize be won?

1. Tag Holland Payroll before April 30th, 2018 in a message on Twitter (@HollandPayroll) and/or LinkedIn (@Holland Payroll)
2. Holland Payroll will randomly select one winner
3. Holland Payroll will contact the winner and discuss the preferred flying dates

Read the terms and conditions about this social media promotion in full.