A new phase for Holland Payroll

As of 16 March 2016, Holland Payroll will become a part of Pay for People, which will usher in a new phase for Holland Payroll. A strategic step that will allow us to offer even better customised solutions to our clients. Holland Payroll will continue to exist independently. The added value for us lies mainly in internal efficiency and process optimisation. For more information, please refer to the press release below. Alternatively you can contact our office or your contact person.

Pay for People takes over Holland Payroll

Rotterdam 16 March 2016 – With their signatures on Tuesday 15 March, Dennis Luyten (Pay for People) and Sake Bosma (Holland Payroll) seal the acquisition of Holland Payroll by Pay for People. For both parties a good strategic move and a signal to the industry that close collaboration whilst maintaining one’s own identity, is indeed possible.
Luyten: “For us, entrepreneurship is key. This acquisition is also marked by the further strengthening of already existing organisations.

Preservation of independence

Pay for People, from Rotterdam, has more than 17 years of experience in the payroll and back office market. A growing customer base, combined with unique in house developed software, put Pay for People further and further on a platform for payrolling and back office services, in particular. “One of our goals for the coming years is further developing our payroll activities. Not aiming to be the biggest, but aiming to be the best in terms of efficiency and logical processes.” Dennis Luyten, Managing Director, Pay for People, says: “We would like to respond to the demand of the market and the industry. That means reinforcing each other and ensuring entrepreneurship. The acquisition of Holland Payroll, located in Heerenveen, is a good example of that.”

Good match

Last year, Pay for People partnered with private equity firm Waterland to further realise its growth ambition. Luyten: “We want to play a supporting role for parties that value efficient process. Carefully selected acquisitions, such as Holland Payroll, envision this strategy. Even though it is an acquisition, the organisation of Holland Payroll will continue to exist in its current form and its daily management will continue remain in the hands of Sake Bosma. We have chosen Holland Payroll because of their extensive knowledge surrounding payrolling services and their personal interpretation of remote employeeship. Why would we want to change that? It is a very good match.” Sake Bosma, director Holland Payroll, agrees: ”We worked hard to get Holland Payroll to where it is now. We have a clear vision when it comes to flexible labour, which is shared by Pay for People: the flexibility of payrolling is a new opportunity to bind employees to an organisation. We believe payrolling is customisable. We do not sell what we already have, but fully unburden our clients. With this in mind, we found the perfect partner in Pay for People, who are the only ones in the industry working with an in-house developed application”.


For the employees and customers of Holland Payroll and Pay for People the acquisition will not be noticeable straight away. “There will be no major changes and we will continue doing our job as we have always done”, Luyten and Bosma say. Pay for People and Holland Payroll will work together closely and will use each other’s strengths. “Employees and clients of both parties will benefit from this organisational strengthening. Holland Payroll, a fully recognised expert of the Dutch Immigration & Naturalisation Service (IND), is specialised in complex employment regulations regarding highly qualified migrants. In addition, IT Payroll, specialised in payrolling for freelancers and working professionals, and a part of Holland Payroll, is also part of the acquisition.