Competent and involved

The Holland Payroll team consists of experts in the field of flexible working. Entrepreneurship is in our blood. We are experienced at identifying your needs.
Our advisors are very well placed in the market, are informed of recent developments and know their way around the abundance of rules and laws in the market. That expertise, our attentiveness and the down to earth Frisian approach shape the basis of our advice and solutions. Tailored and conscientious. Committed and ready to be put in practice.

Niels Brandsma
If there’s a better way to do it, I’ll find it.
Kathalijne Beemer
Do what you say and say what you do
Geert Verschuren
The most valuable asset of a company is how it is known to its customers
Wout-Jan Ykema
In the centre if difficulties lie possibilities. I would like to tell you where I see them.
Linda van den Berg
I’ll find a way or create one
Marlon Duiven
Practical, clear, involved and an expert in providing the right solution for employee and employer.
Fatima Shire
Only by listening can you know.
Sietske Kamma
The impossible is often that what has not been tried.
John Harmon
It takes less effort to do something right the first time, than to do it wrong twice.
Ylja van den Ent
Don’t learn so that you may work, work so you may learn.
Wybren Slager
Action is the key to success.
Irina Heegen
To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.
Sierk-Jan Ybema
No goal is out of reach if you enjoy what you do.
Daniël van den Oever
Logica brengt je van A naar B. Verbeelding brengt je werkelijk overal!