The Payroll specialist with vision.

Holland Payroll firmly believes that the relationship between employers and employees is fundamentally changing. Employers seek flexibility, whilst employees want to determine their own conditions. Payrolling plays an imperative role in this development. However, there are no simple solutions. Holland Payroll’s vision is therefore to provide bespoke solutions to meet individual client needs.

We carefully listen to our clients’ concerns and requirements first. Then, we offer tailored advice; free advice that provides our client with the necessary flexibility to react to the unpredictability of the current market. Our solutions will provide employers with more possibilities and in turn allow employees a greater chance of employment.

The new dynamics of the economy.

Today, there are greater fluctuations in the demand for products and services. Companies, especially in the manufacturing sector, have to find ways to deal with this volatility. The key to dealing with this is flexibility: the ability to grow rapidly when opportunities arise, but also, to downsize quickly when necessary. This calls for employees to adopt a different mindset.

Payrolling is the way forward

Payroll offers a great contribution to the demand of flexibility. It is the solution for the flexible workforce in the organisation. It provides entrepreneurship and employment with a new dimension. Payrolling is not a revolution, but an evolution of new understandings between employers and employees.

Suitable for employers and employees alike.

Payrolling offers results without pre-made solutions. Holland Payroll will happily listen to employers. Our advice will address today’s problems and answer tomorrow’s challenges, appropriate for bold employers and employees who have an open mind towards a new form of working relationships.

Decline in permanent positions.

Developments go even further. There is a decline in permanent positions and even permanent contracts are not as reassuring as they once were. The notion of a permanent position will slowly disappear. Eventually, employers will payroll themselves – the optimal employer and employee flexibility.

Reward for flexibility.

Payrolling is not just beneficial for employers. Employees who participate in this flexible approach deserve a fitting reward, with at least the same terms and conditions as employees with a rolling contract and where possible, even better terms and conditions. In situations like these, the flexibility of Payrolling offers a new chance to bind staff to a company.